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The Moore's Barbeque Shootout by the Sea brought the Action as the East Coast Flat Head Ford's Came to Town!

PELETIER - Saturday Night’s Shoot Out by the Sea was courtesy of Moore’s Old Tyme Barbeque Chicken and Seafood.  A very hot day was helped by a nice ocean breeze as Jay Brown delivered a fantastic edition of the National Anthem.  After a great pre-race concert from 13 year-old Michael Schott who entertained the crowd during the meet and greet (and later kept the crowd entertained in Moonshiner’s) it was time to go racing!

The Junior Mini Cups were up first with a 15 lap race!  Michael Bivens continued his winning ways with a victory over Keegan Abrams and DeeDee White. 

The next event was the Bandoleros running 15 laps. Landon Burbage again reigned supreme with a win over a hard  charging Rylan Speight.

The U-Cars ran 25 laps and as usual it was an action packed, great race.  Dustin Jolly got his win in his return to the track.  Logan McCallister placed second while Michael Ludwig came in third.

Next up was 25 laps of the Mini Stocks.  It was Brandon Clements making his return to Carteret Speedway holding off a fabulous second place battle between Abby Jolly and Travis Miller.  Travis tried everything to get around Abby but was unsuccessful.

Just before intermission it was time for The Legends cars with an impressive field of 16 cars!  Once again it was Charlie Beals holding off Cody Carlton and Scotty Benford, who had issues with his usual car so he drove the 25 car of Frank Pass to an impressive 3rd place finish under the circumstances.

Intermission came & it was time for our exciting, wild bike race! The crowd cheered on the participants and the top two finishers took home $50 each!  

After intermission it was time for the Chargers to take over the track for 40 laps.  Michael O’Brien took the checkered flag over Kevin Morgan in his first race at Carteret Speedway and Gator Williams finished third.

In the return of the East Coast Flat Head Fords, history was made and the first ever daughter/father one/two finish.  Karen Wikle was the Sportsman winner and her father Richard Wikle was the Modified winner.

Last but certainly not least our Bomber Division took over the track for 20 laps with an exciting showing of 18 cars! Our Bombers have certainly shown up in force this season to show off their driving skills and keep the crowd on the edge of their seats! After an action packed race resulting in a DQ (after tech inspections) for first place, Brady Price was declared the winner followed by Charlie Mercer in second place and TJ Medeiros in third.

Next weekend, we will have the Black’s Tire Clash at the Beach on Saturday, June 29th, featuring the Grand National Super Series.  Come out and meet Jeremy Mayfield and the other drivers as they heat up the track in Twin Races!  There will also be several other divisions including Jr Mini Cups, Bombers, Twin U-Cars and Twin Street Stocks.  Pre-Race starts at 6pm with Driver Meet n Greet and the Green Flag drops at 7pm!

Don’t forget about our Kid’s Camp Racing School which is now in session and still has some afternoon openings for the month of July.  Our Classic Rock Festival is coming on July 27th with Kiss Alive, ZZ Top Notch and Thorn rocking the track with the classic rock songs from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s!

Details and Advanced Tickets can be found on, More Information is available on Facebook and Instagram.

Moore’s Barbeque Shootout at the Beach

Official Results:

Jr Mini Cups 15 Laps

  • 1) #97 Michael Bivens, 2)  #6 Keagan Abrams, 3)  #22 DeeDee White

Bandolero’s 15 Laps

  • 1) #3 Landon Burbage, 2)  #45 Rylan Speight

Bombers 20 Laps

  • 1) #32 Brady Price, 2) #01 Charlie Mercer, 3) #91 TJ Medeiros, 4) #58 Steve Sullivan, 5)   #64 Jason Gallimore, 6) #17 Eric Schmidt, 7) #87 Justin Rountree,

8) #88 Dale Drum, 9) #07 Johnathan Thompson, 10) #77S Richard Smith,

11) #13 Jeffery Tarvis, 12)  #77 Marion “Papa Smurf” Williams, 13) #67 Eddie Piercy, 14) #34 Matthew Newman, 15)  #13m Mitchell Kerstetter, 16) #4 Kyle Remmey,

17) #9 Deanna Stancill, 

        DQ  #90 Greg Walston

UCAR 25 Laps

  • 1) #21 Dustin Jolly, 2) #19 Logan McAllister, 3) #13m Michael Ludwig, 4) #5 Haley Brown, 5)  #43 Joe Wade, 6) #58 Summer Sullivan, 7) #13h Ricky Houser,

8) #22 Haiden Thomas, 

Legends 25 Laps

  • 1) #5B Charlie Beals, 2) #11 Cody Carlton, 3) #25 Scotty Benford, 4) #B1 Brenton Irving,  5) #43 Layton Harrison, 6) #9 Brody Rhodes 7) #74 Jacob Linc, 8) #99 Carsyn Gillikin,   9)  #28 Oliver Missner, 10) #32 Brady Price, 11) #3 Keith Irving,

12) #77ct Thomas Martucci,  13) #G7 Colby Gurganus, 14) #6 Austin Eckert,

15) #2 Greg Farley, 16) #56 Kaleb Norris

Mini Stocks 25 Laps

  • 1) #7 Brandon Clements, 2) #11 Abby Jolly, 3) #99 Travis Miller, 4) #5 Jesse Jones IV,  5) #10 Philip Smith

Chargers 40 Laps

  • 1) #21B Michael O’Brien, 2) #1 Kevin Morgan, 3) #71 Gator Williams, 4) #98 Matt Morgan,   5) #98 Matt Morgan, 6) #21 David Barnes, 7) #18 Matthew Gurganus,

8) #36 Garth Bossie

Flat Head Fords 25 Laps

  • 1) #14 Kerri Wikle, Sportsman

  • 2) #45 Wayne Lawson, Sportsman

  • 3) #9 Jerry Stroud, Sportsman

  • 1) #53 Richard Wikle, Modified

  • 2) #99 Johnny Johnson, Modified

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