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Find the info you need before heading out to the track!

Can I bring a cooler?

Coolers are not permitted but we have plenty of concessions around the speedway for your convienence.

Do I have to have a pit pass to eat at Moonshinerz Bar & Grill in the infield?

No! Your general admission pass allows you to dine inside the track! Just take the crossover bridge in turns three and four and follow the pathway to the restaurant! 

What time are the races over?

Motorsports is a very unpredictable sport. Delays may occur with crashes, oil spills, etc. All events are timed and we aim for our program to be no longer than 3.5 hours. This may vary however on special events.

What's it cost to get in? Is parking free?

Parking for race events is always free! Ticket prices can be here.

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