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The School's Out 150 Certainly Brought the Action and Excitement for the Fans!

PELETIER, NC - The School’s Out 150, presented by Interstate Batteries was held on Saturday, June 8th.. Thad Moffit, grandson of Richard Petty, joined us as a guest driver racing the #15 of CCI Racing in the Charger Division. It was a warm, beautiful Saturday night for racing and the fans certainly came out for the action! 13-year-old Michael Schott from Stella, North Carolina gave us a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem. He will soon be recording a country album in Nashville, Good Luck Michael from all of us at Carteret Speedway!

The first race of the night was the Junior Mini Cups and it was Michael Bivens with the  victory over Keagan Abrams and DeeDee White.

Next up was a 25 lap U-Car race that was won by Haley Brown who beat Dustin Jolly to the finish line by just 3 seconds.  Rounding out the top three was Cornell Williams. 

The Legends took the track next with a fantastic field of 14 cars. The action paced race certainly did not disappoint and Charlie Beals held off a hard charging Scotty Benford and Brenton Irving for the win.

We had a brief intermission with the kids pedal car race which is always a crowd favorite. 

The Bombers were up for the next race and it was definitely one of the best of the night as they were racing for double the money! 16 Bombers hit the track for 20 laps of action packed racing! Brady Price made a last lap pass on Charlie Mercer to take the win followed closely by Steve Sullivan. This was a great field of Bomber's cars and the crowd was on its feet them on for the entire race!

The final event of the evening was "COMBO RACING EXCITEMENT" of Chargers and Street Stock divisions into one race of 50 laps!  Taking the win was Gator Williams who had his best career finish over the strong competition of Matthew Gurganus and Brandon Carraway, Tyler Smith and John Sharp. Thad Moffit (DQ) with a technical inspection issue. 

We appreciate the Drivers, Crews, Our Hardworking Staff & of course our Amazing Fans for coming out to support Carteret Speedway and keep short track racing plus Bobby Watson’s Dream Alive! We couldn’t do any of this without Every Single One of You! A Special Thank You to Thad Moffitt for coming out to "America's Nicest Short Track" & racing with us along with his family & friends who were here cheering him on!

Our next event will be Saturday, June 22nd with the Shoot Out by the Sea, Presented by Moore’s Old Tyme BBQ, Chicken and Seafood.  The East Coast Flathead Fords will be featured along with more great races.

We have also just added the Clash at the Beach on Saturday, June 29th, featuring the Grand National Super Series and several other divisions.  

Don’t forget about our Kid’s Camp Racing School which is now in session and the Classic Rock Festival coming on July 27th.

All the details can be found on Facebook, Instagram and website

School’s Out 150 Presented By Interstate Batteries

Official Results:

Jr Mini Cups 10 Laps

1) #97 Michael Bivens; 2) #6 Keagan Abrams; 3) #22 DeeDee White

Bomber 20 Laps

1) #32 Brady Price; 2) #01 Charlie Mercer; 3) #58 Steve Sullivan; 4) #33 Nathan Hall;            5) #87 Justin Rountree; 6) #07 Jonathon Thompson; 7) #77 Marion Williams;                          8) #13 Mitchell Kerstetter; 9) #77S Richard Smith; 10) #67 Eddie Piercey; 11) #14 Joey Vereen; 12) #4 Kyle Remmey; 13) #34 Matthew Newman; 14) #90 Greg Walston; 15) #79 Dominic Baez; 16) #15 Richard LaCroix

UCAR 25 Laps

1) #5 Haley Brown;  2) #21 Dustin Jolly;  3) #03 Cornell Williams;  4) #19 Logan McCallister; 5) #22 Haiden Thomas;  6) #43 Joe Wade;  7) #58x Summer Sullivan; 8) #17 Brian Gooden; 9) #9 Matt Williams

Legends 25 Laps

1) #5B Charlie Beals; 2) #51 Scotty B; 3) #B1 Brenton Irving; 4) #71 Aiden McConnaughey; 5) #9 Brody Rhodes; 6) #32 Brady Price; 7) #77ct Thomas Martucci; 8) #6 Austin Eckert; 9) #99 Carysn Gilkinson; 10) #3 Shane Irving; 11) #56 Kaleb Norris; 12) #G7 Colby Gurganus; 13) #25 Frank Pass; 14) #28 Oliver Missner

Charger/Street Stock Combo One Race 50 Laps

1) #71 Dennis "Gator" Williams; 2) #18 Matthew Gurganus; 3) #7 Brandon Carraway; 4) #51 Tyler Smith; 5) #9 John Sharp;  #15 Thad Moffitt DQ;  #36 Garth Bossie DNS

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