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The 2023 Bobby Watson's Carteret Speedway Banquet of Champions was held Saturday, February 17th at The Silos of Newport.

On February 17, 2024, Bobby Watson’s Carteret Speedway, a popular short track in North Carolina known as “America’s Nicest Short Track”, hosted its annual Banquet of Champions at The Silos of Newport. The event was hosted by Carteret Speedway owner Bob Lowery, along with organizer Judy Hailey and members of the BWCCS Team. Eric Creel was on hand to take photos.  The event celebrated the 2023 racing season and recognized the top three drivers from eight different divisions: Bandolero, Mini Cup, Bomber, U-CAR, Legend, Mini Stock, Street Stock, and Limited Late Models. The banquet was an opportunity for drivers, teams, and fans to come together to celebrate the accomplishments of the past season and look forward to the upcoming racing season.

The evening began with a welcome by the track’s owner Bob Lowery, who highlighted the successes of the past season and expressed gratitude to the drivers, teams, sponsors, and fans for their support. 

The guest speaker for the 2023 banquet was Jeremy Mayfield, a veteran NASCAR driver with over 400 starts in the Cup Series. As a former NASCAR driver with a successful career. Mayfield shared his insights, experiences, and words of wisdom with the attendees. His presence added prestige to the event and offered valuable perspectives to both aspiring and seasoned drivers present at the banquet.

During the banquet, the top three drivers in each division were honored and awarded trophies as a symbol of their success on the track. In addition to trophies, the drivers & attendees also received door prizes, gifts, and various swag items as tokens of appreciation for their dedication to the sport. The event was not only a celebration of individual accomplishments but also a gathering of racing enthusiasts and supporters who came together to share their passion for motorsports.

Bandolero Top Three Drivers:                                     

1st  Landon Burbage                                                        

2nd Landon Strickland                                                     

3rd  Rylan Speight          

Mini Cup Top Three Drivers:

1st  Landon Strickland

2nd Michael Bivens

 3rd  Nolan Walker

Bomber Division Top Three Drivers:                         

1st   Haley Brown

2nd  Bob Snow

3rd   Joe Wade

 U-CAR Top Three Drivers:

1st   Curtis Lanier

2nd  Logan McAllister

3rd   Steve Sullivan

Legends Top Three Drivers:

1st    Scotty Benford

2nd   Carsyn Gillikin

3rd    George Ferrari

Mini Stock Top Three Drivers:

1st    Travis Miller

2nd   Travis Provost

3rd    Steve Sullivan

Street Stock Top Three Drivers

1st Tyler Smith

2nd John Sharp

3rd Curtis Lanier

Late Model Top Three Drivers

1st Dylan Newsome

2nd Kenneth Mercer

3rd Holden Haddock

Also Honored:

Bobby Watson Sportsmanship Award: Leon Burrow

Jumpstart Award: Nolan Walker

Mark Watson Merit Award: Ken Mercer

Words of Appreciation & Support also went out to:

Solid Rock Carriers

Islander Hotel & Resort

Moores BBQ

Adams Beverage

We would also like to thank all of the 2023 Season Sponsors & Fans for being a part of such a fantastic season of racing.  Also a huge thanks goes out to everyone on the BWCCS Team–their constant support, dedication & hard work keeps Bobby Watson’s Carteret Speedway running throughout the season.

The Carteret Speedway Banquet of Champions 2024 was a memorable occasion that brought together drivers, fans, and industry professionals to celebrate excellence in motorsports. The recognition given to top performers across various divisions, coupled with Jeremy Mayfield’s inspiring speech, made the event a truly special experience for all involved. We thank everyone for coming out to celebrate our champions & can’t wait for the 2024 racing season!

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