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The Great Holiday Laser Show to Debut This Year at Carteret County Speedway

Bobby Watson’s Carteret County Speedway motto reads’ “Keeping The Dream Alive”. In that spirit Carteret Speedway is proud to announce the first ever drive in laser show November 18-19 and November 25-27.

Your holiday dreams can come to life from the comfort of your own car as multiple lasers light up the night sky over the speedway. Mike Meyer, President of Emerald Owl productions says, “This will be a light show unique to Carteret County”.

I didn’t know what to expect, claim those who’ve attended other show’s Meyer’s company has produced. “It’s a beam show with a choreography of lights coming right at you” say’s Meyer.

The idea of a drive in laser light extravaganza was born during covid

because families could enjoy the show from the comfort and safety of their own vehicles.”The feedback from those days was so positive the drive in laser light shows continue to thrill and inspire today”, adds Meyer.

The thirty minute computerized music and laser light show is the

perfect way to celebrate the Holidays! Meyer says “I watch as families bring their own hot chocolate and snacks and watch with awe and amazement”.

There will be multiple shows each of the five nights but parking/seating is limited and recommended you purchase tickets on-line by going to:

The Great Holiday Laser Show from Bobby Watson’s Carteret County Speedway to you this Holiday Season!

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