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Summer Racing School Registration Opens

The Carteret County Speedway summer racing school has generated a lot of interest and we're glad to finally open registration for what will be an exciting summer for kids all across the tri-county area! The summer racing school is open for registration and spots are limited for class so be sure to get your child signed up as quickly as possible to secure the best dates and times! Kids will learn about racing, teamwork, and much more including getting to drive and race on the new kart track! The school will take place during the week from Monday to Thursday. One class will be from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM and the second class will be from 2:00 - 5:00.

The school will be four days in length to give your child ample time at the speedway! Not only will we learn about racing, but we'll develop great team skills that can be applied at any time during life while working with/on a team, and we'll learn about the different types of careers in the motorsports industry. There will be fun exercise competitions to make sure we stay in shape and get a dose of daily exercise. In addition to all of the above, your child will also get to make laps around the newly added go-kart track.

To register your child we'll just need a few minutes of your time to answer some important questions. Click here to register

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