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Sponsor Spotlight: Solid Rock Carriers

When asked to talk about himself, Kirk Ipock was quick to say, “I love helping people, I want to see them succeed”. The response reveals all you need to know about the owner of Solid Rock Carriers and one of the great sponsors at Bobby Watson’s Carteret County Speedway.

Since he was racing go-karts in the 80’s, Ipock has loved racing but never really figured to be a full-time race driver. “July 4, 1989 I blew a go-kart engine all to pieces and that was it for me. I traded it in for a dirt bike and time with the kids”.

Some time ago Ipock had the urge to buy a race car but his wife Lynette gave him a big-time “No way!” That being said, Lynette supports Kirk’s love of racing and his need to support drivers and tracks in what is certainly an expensive hobby/business.

“I really identify with the blue collar workers, the local short tracks, local guys working on cars” said Ipock. He first met Bobby Watson in 2015 and immediately formed a bond. Watson was the ultimate blue collar worker as he crafted Carteret County Speedway into America's nicest short track.

“Bobby and I would go out to dinner and talk about racing,” said Ipock who added, “I love Carteret County Speedway.” The Solid Rock Carrier signs dot the raceway and the ever popular Late Model cars are called the “Solid Rock Carrier Big Money Late Models”.

Ipock has sponsorships at other tracks and with other drivers at many levels but is first and foremost a race fan of the local track and local drivers. “I’ll always be a NASCAR fan,” says Ipock “but the local drivers are where it’s at.”

Carteret County Speedway is most appreciative of Kirk and Lynette and the sponsor support from Solid Rock Carriers and offer a heartfelt Thank You!

This is the first of many sponsor spotlights to be featured at If you love racing, especially racing at Bobby Watson’s Carteret County Speedway, please let our wonderful sponsors know how much they are appreciated.

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