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Spectacular Season Opener Brings Excitement to CCS

A beautiful Saturday with comfortable temperatures, greeted a large crowd to

kick off the 2022 season at Bobby Watson's Carteret County Speedway. The parachute

team hit their mark, we said a prayer, and it was time to go racing.

The Junior Mini Cup division led off the afternoon and there was a first-time winner,

Colby Gurganus, who won his first race ever to the delight of many! Joseph Bell was

second and Anthony Vantresca was third.

Next up it was time for the Street stocks and Tyler Smith led wire to wire for

the win. Runner up was Dennis Woeherie and coming home third, spinning across

the start/finish line was Steven Lane.

Mini Stocks were next and Neil Mason took the win after some tech issues with

the Travis Miller vehicle. John Love was second and Brantley Dawson was third.

Next up was the $10K to win Solid Rock Carriers JumpStart 125 for the Solid Rock Carriers Late Model Big Money Series. Conner Hall was the victor in a hotly contested finish over Jared Fryar and Stacy Puryear.

Next race, the Legends rolled on the track and Austin Thompson led flag to flag

for the win. After a tight battle for second, Chase Singletary edged out

Britton Irving.

The U-Cars provided some of the night's best action. Contact between Andrew Jackson,

the eventual winner, Neil Mason and Steve Sullivan brought the crowd to their feet.

Jackson took the 20-lap feature over Dustin Jolly and Steven Davis.

To conclude the evening, it was time for the Bombers and another popular win

went to Cornel Williams over Eddie Humphrey and Dwayne Walker.

Next week at the Speedway, Saturday night will be the Lynyrd Skynyrd and

Foreigner tribute bands. The concert benefits the Carteret Partnership for

Children. The music starts at 4:30 pm. Go to for

more information.

The next race will be on Saturday, April 30th. It is the Spring Showdown and

First Responders Night with Chargers, U-Cars, Bombers, Legends, Super Trucks, and Junior Mini Cups. The green flag waves at 6:00 pm.

Thank you for your support of Carteret County Speedway.

April 2nd JumpStart 125 Results:

Late Model

  1. Connor Hall

  2. Jared Fryar

  3. Stacy Puryear

  4. Tyler Matthews

  5. Tristan McKee

  6. Adam Resnick

  7. Trevor Ward

  8. Landon DeVaughn

  9. Jody Measamer

  10. Daniel Vuncannon

  11. Kenneth Mercer

  12. Holden Haddock

  13. Dylan Newsome

  14. Chris Chapman (DNS)


  1. Cornell Williams

  2. Eddie Humphrey

  3. Duane Walker

  4. Wayne Phillips

  5. Ronnie Kropp

  6. Brian Gooden

  7. Chris Smith

  8. Rob Trent

  9. Joey Vereen

  10. Mabrey Smith

  11. Brent Rowse

  12. Papa Smurf

  13. Cole Wolbeck

  14. Tyler Roberson (DNS)


  1. Austin Thompson

  2. Chase Singletary

  3. Brenton Irving

  4. Shane Irving

  5. Scotty Benford

  6. DJ Murphy

  7. Ed Radley

  8. Roy Combs

Mini Stock

  1. Neil Mason

  2. John Love

  3. Brantly Dawson

  4. David Fulk

  5. Travis Provost

  6. Andrew Deal

  7. Carmen Odum

  8. Travis Miller (DQ)


  1. Andrew Jackson

  2. Dustin Jolly

  3. Steven Davis

  4. David Fulk

  5. Chris Ward

  6. Ken Bradwell

  7. JD Shepard

  8. Kelly Atwood

  9. Nick White

  10. Neil Mason

  11. Steve Sullivan

  12. Shane Ward

Street Stock

  1. Tyler Smith

  2. Dennis Woehrle

  3. Ed Lane

  4. Steve Wales

  5. Mike Cooper

Jr Mini Cup

  1. Colby Garganus

  2. Anthony Vantresca

  3. Joseph Bell

  4. Alexis Steffan

  5. Mylah Provost

  6. Shane Ward

  7. DeeDee White

  8. Blaine Mattice

- Allen Vick story.

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