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Paving Process Begins on Little CCS & Kids Summer Racing School

Track owner Bob Lowery has had the vision of a go-kart track being built on the grounds of the speedway for many years now. His great friend, Bobby Watson, who built America's Nicest Short Track from the ground up had his roots in go-kart racing and before CCS was what it is now, it hosted go-kart racing.

The new go-kart track is being built adjacent to the Mark Watson Tech Garage and will utilize some of the existing pit road and access roads as track surface. The track is approximately 1/8th of a mile in length and will challenge drivers with long straightaways and tight turns.

In addition to go-kart racing on the track, this new feature at Carteret County Speedway will be the center of a summer racing school for kids. Kids will learn about racing, teamwork, and much more including getting to drive and race on the new course! The school will take place during the week from Monday to Thursday. One class will be from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (with lunch served) and the second class will be from 2:00 - 5:00(with a snack served).

"We're excited to bring this exciting new feature to Carteret County Speedway," said track owner Bob Lowery. "My friend Bobby [Watson] left me this place and I think he would be happy to see go-kart racing return to his dream that we help keep alive each and every day." "The summer racing school for the kids is an added bonus," he continued. "We always have kids interested in getting into racing but their parents just don't know how to get them started or they don't learn how to drive a car and end up moving on. This is a way for kids to learn about the cars, learn about the track, and then get a taste of it at the end of school. I think the kids in our area will really love this opportunity and their parents will be just as excited as them to get registered for the first-ever summer racing school here at America's Nicest Short Track."

The school will be four days in length to give your child ample time at the speedway! Not only will we learn about racing, but we'll develop great team skills that can be applied at any time during life while working with/on a team, and we'll learn about the different types of careers in the motorsports industry. There will be fun exercise competitions to make sure we stay in shape and get a dose of daily exercise. In addition to all of the above, your child will also get to make laps around the newly added go-kart track.

More info on the summer racing school and registration for it will be coming soon at

Plans are being worked out for the go-kart program as well and once those begin to come together we will let you know.

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