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October's Race for Recovery at CCS

Hurricane Ian’s recent fury and need for recovery relief along with October being breast cancer awareness month have prompted Bobby Watson’s Carteret County Speedway into action.

“We have three races over the next four weeks of October” points out Competition Director Ben Kilcrease, “it's time to tackle the pressing issues of Hurricane Ian recovery and breast cancer awareness”.

Breast cancer awareness month is an annual campaign to raise awareness about the impacts of breast cancer and the need for screening. Carteret Speedway has determined the best way to raise awareness is with the most coveted flag in auto racing, the checkered flag!

Carteret’s October checkered flag will be pink and black rather than traditional black and white. Every time it drops for a race winner the hope is to raise awareness of the importance of screening and support in the fight against breast cancer.

Meantime communities continue to try and recover from Hurricane Ian’s path of destruction. To that cause Carteret County Speedway will hold a 50/50 raffle each racing night in October, “GNSS Championship” night on the 8th, “Halloween Bash” on the 22nd, and “Madhouse at the Beach” on the 29th, with 50% of funds collected being sent for Ian recovery.

We invite you to join us for both of these great causes and certainly enjoy some outstanding automobile racing and just plain old fashioned family fun!

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