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Laser Focus at Carteret Speedway

The racing year of 2022 has come down to the final event at Bobby Watson’s Carteret County Speedway, the Race of Champions December 9th and 10th. Drivers will compete for a record purse of $50,000 as the Solid Rock Carrier Late Models decide their season champion plus the Legends, Bombers, UCAR and the Junior Mini Cups will also circle America’s Nicest Short Track.

However, before the racers fire up one final time, Carteret County Speedway will host a first time event that promises to delight the entire family, namely the Great Holiday Laser Show!

Imagine if you will lasers lighting up the night skies over Carteret Speedway with the entire light show synchronized to holiday music! Track owner Bob Lowery, always looking for a way to entertain the great residents of Eastern North Carolina, saw the Laser Show as an opportunity to kick off the Holiday season.

“We couldn’t pass up the chance to be part of the holiday celebrations, especially this being such a family friendly delightful show,” said Lowery. You can actually watch the show from the comfort of your car with the entire family or choose to bring a lawn chair and sit under the stars to view the show.

All cars will be directed to Gate 3 where you’ll drive onto the infield of Carteret Speedway while walk-ins will come in through the main entrance to take their places. For more on pricing and to reserve your ticket go to

Here are some fun Laser facts to wow your friends, neighbors, co-workers or mom and dad!

  • Lasers were first discovered in 1960 but can be traced back to Einstein's theory of light.

  • 1974 was the first year lasers were used in supermarket barcode scanners.

  • Astronauts on Apollo 11 used lasers to measure the distance between the earth and the moon.

  • Lasers have no inherent temperature, heat only results when the beam hits a surface turning light energy to heat.

  • Lasers are used to mark and etch into all types of materials including diamonds.

  • Lasers are used in the medical field to heal broken bones, remove hair, eye surgery and much more.

Last but not least, the word Laser is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.”:

No matter how you describe them, Lasers are an amazing discovery and we learn new uses all the time.

Come November 18 & 19 and the 25-27 they’ll be used to light up the skies over Carteret County Speedway in a first of its kind holiday celebration for the entire family. Tickets are limited so reserve your holiday family adventure by going to

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