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Gator Hoping to 'Chomp' Down on a Championship This Weekend

Saturday, October 8 is Championship night for the Chargers Division at Bobby Watson’s Carteret County Speedway. Current points leader Michael O’Brien will have to survive a first-ever Triple Feature format to capture the crown.

O’Brien leads Dennis Williams by a dozen points but with three times the points available in one night, the door to a Chargers championship has been blown wide open!

Who is Dennis Williams you ask? We know him as Gator Williams, Dennis is his given name but after Grandpa gave him the Gator moniker he hardly ever gets called Dennis!

Turns out Gator is kind of a William’s family name. Grandpa was known as Big Gator, Dennis is actually Little Gator and his eight year old son is known as Baby Gator!

It has been a good year for Gator and his Charger and he says “The Triple Feature with three times the points throws Saturday’s championship night wide open as to who will win the season title”.

Gator trails O’Brien by 12 points but say’s, “I’ve been pleased with my overall season and with the three race format Saturday I have some newfound excitement”. Gator has just one win this season but three second place, three thirds and two top five finishes on the 2022 resume.

Gator will be looking to take a “Chomp” out of O’Briens lead and maybe even put the entire season points chase into a “death roll”.

The Chargers Championship Night is just the tip of the racing iceberg. It is also Championship Night for the Grand National Super Series featuring former NASCAR star Jeremy Mayfield. The GNSS title will be decided by a pair of Twin 50s.

The green flag Saturday drops at 6 pm. For details check:

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