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First Responders Night Was Full of Action

First Responders Night at Carteret County Speedway was one to remember. A big “thank you” to all the first responders that came out for a special night of racing.

First up was one of two Bomber features and Trace Raynor took the win over Tyler Stalls and Joey Vereen.

The Junior Mini Cups hit the track and Colby Gurganus took his second win in a row over Shane Ward and Alexis Steffan. Colby gave his dad a late birthday present and dedicated the win to his father. There was a scary accident involving Mylah Provost. The speedway safety team did a great job in assisting Mylah and her team.

The Street Stocks were next on the track for 20 laps. Gary Rochelle overcame an early spin to edge out Chip Daniels and James Wells after leader Tyler Smith had issues late.

Next up was the Senior Mini Cups. They put on a great race, Carmen Odom, Chris Brewer, and Matthew Brewer thrilled the crowd. Unfortunately, another scary incident involving Garrett Cooper red-flagged the race for a little bit. Again, the track safety crew and local first responders did a fabulous job and we thank them for their efforts.

The Legends were next and DJ Murphy was dominant, taking the win over Scotty Benford and Edward Radley.

As darkness fell, the Chargers took to the track for 25 laps and Michael O’Brien edged out Brandon Clements and James Stroud for the win. Mathew Gurganus in his first Charger race was impressive.

Rain began to fall as the Bombers got ready for their second race. After track drying and crews clearing the windshields for the drivers, Cornell Williams took the win after some issues in tech. Eddie Humphrey and Rob Trent rounded out the podium.

Again, we would like to thank all the first responders, track workers, and safety personnel for their hard work and professionalism.

The next event will be Saturday, May 14th, for The Croatan Spring Jam. All the details and tickets can be found at

RESULTS: April 30, 2022

Bomber Feature #1

  1. Trace Raynor

  2. Tyler Stalls

  3. Joey Vereen

  4. Cornell Williams

  5. Eddie Humphrey

  6. David Fulk

  7. Brian Gooden

  8. Rob Trent

  9. Bubba Parker

  10. Brent Rowse

  11. Andrew Jackson

  12. Mabrey Smith

  13. Joe Moore

  14. Summer Sullivan

Bomber Feature #2

  1. Cornell Williams

  2. Eddie Humphrey

  3. Rob Trent

  4. Brian Gooden

  5. Steven Davis

  6. Joey Vereen

  7. Andrew Jackson

  8. Summer Sullivan

  9. Bubba Parker

  10. Tyler Stalls

  11. Nick White DNS

  12. Trace Raynor DNS

  13. Brent Rowse DNS

  14. Joe Moore DNS

  15. Mabrey Smith DNS

  16. David Fulk DQ


  1. Curtis Lanier

  2. Andrew Jackson

  3. Dustin Jolly

  4. Steve Sullivan

  5. Steven Davis

  6. Bob Snow

  7. David Fulk

  8. Chris Ward

  9. Nick White

  10. JD Shepard

  11. Joe Lanier DNS


  1. DJ Murphy

  2. Scotty Benford

  3. Edward Radley

  4. Roy Combs

  5. Carssyn Gillikin

Street Stock

  1. Gary Rochelle

  2. Chip Daniels

  3. James Wells

  4. Tyler Smith


  1. Michael O'Brein

  2. Brandon Clements

  3. James Stroud

  4. Matthew Gurganus

Jr Mini Cup

  1. Colby Gurganus

  2. Shane Ward

  3. Alexis Steffan

  4. Dee Dee White

  5. Mylah Provost

  6. Anthony Vantresca

Sr Mini Cup

  1. Carmen Odum

  2. Chris Brewer

  3. Matthew Brewer

  4. Garrett Cooper

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