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Driver Registration For Media Day(s) is Open

The media team this year at Carteret County Speedway is going to produce some amazing content and they want you to be a part of it. Drivers are asked to attend one of the two Media Days planned for this year's pre-season activities.

Consider it almost like a picture day at school, but much cooler! You'll be posed at different angles and in different lighting to really make you look amazing and professional. The goal is to promote you as a superstar this year. Friendly rivalries will be highlighted, tight championship battles will make the mainstream, and with more exposure from our team, you'll have sponsors knocking at your door and your current ones will be very happy!

On March 5th and 12th, Media Day will open up at 10:00 AM in the world-famous Moonshinerz Bar & Grill in the infield at Carteret County Speedway. We'll collect some info from you to speed the process on Opening Night and then we'll get into the photo/video shoot. If you're not already we'll ask you to change into your *clean* firesuit and then we'll begin snapping photos.

We'll take a few shots with your helmet on as well so make sure it's clean and ready to go! Keep in mind that these photos will portray your appearance for thousands of fans. Make sure you know 'your look' before coming out.

Media Day activities will run through 12:00 PM and that's also when on-track activities will begin. Open Practice, the first official practice of the 2022 season will take place until 4:00 PM. For those drivers unable to make either the March 5th or 12th day then no worries, we can schedule you for a time that works best for you. We want everyone to have a chance to get these professional photos done. Keep in mind, at your request, we can send you the final edits so you can send them to your sponsors, family, etc.

To register for Media Day please click here:

Media Days aren't mandatory but are very highly suggested that you attend. Media Day will be the first step to getting your name recognized by the top stars in motorsports and fans around the country.

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