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Chain Reaction Action Sports to Perform This Saturday

Chain Reaction Action Sports will be bringing two-wheel action to Bobby Watson’s Carteret

County Speedway during Saturday night’s racing action along with Kids Bike Races and the

ever-popular Enduro race!

Chain Reaction Action Sports is based out of Swansboro and has performed Freestyle BMX

shows throughout the United States.  At 7:00 pm on Saturday night, Chain Reaction Action Sports will put on a half-hour showcase destined to thrill fans old and new alike.

“We’re going to be doing backflips, possibly front flips, tricks such as tail whips, Superman

stunts, general stuff you would see in the X-Games,” Chain Reaction Action Sports co-owner

Alex Johann said. “BMX is an Olympic sport.  We have some athletes that are capable of

being on those teams.  Rob Darden who was the head coach of the Chinese National BMX

Olympic Team, as well as X GAMES and the Mt. Dew Action Tour, will be a feature event

displaying his talents with the Chain Reaction Sports team!

“We’re going to bring some ramps out with some professional riders that had a dream as a

kid and enjoyed it so much they wanted to try to make a career out of it,” Johann explained. 

“They’ll get to share those experiences with the younger generation and encourage them to

set goals and achieve them.”

Carteret County Speedway has played host to bike racing before, most notably the

Croatan Buck Fifty bringing over 800 cyclists to the area in March of each year.  The exhibition displays Carteret County Speedway’s ability to be a showplace for more than racing in the community.

“I’m ecstatic,” Johann stated.  “We're really excited to perform and then watch the kids race their own bikes late in the evening.  I’m excited, it’s right down the street from my house and we’ve got some good talent coming and will put on an incredible show.”

Saturday night’s event is 6:00pm beginning with a Meet & Greet on the front stretch. The stunt show will kick off at 7:00 and the green flag will drop soon after it's completion. BWCCS will host several feature races on top of the Chain Reaction Action Sports event.  Tickets are available for $15 for adults and are available at the gate as well as online at

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