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CCS Announces New $20,000 Incentive to Support Short Track Racing

SWANSBORO NC - Carteret County Speedway is proud to introduce the 2023 "Race & You're In" incentive program. The new "Race & You're In" program features $20,000 worth of cash and prizes for those who participate consistently at Carteret County Speedway.

The program is simple: For every event you compete in at Carteret County Speedway, your name is added to a list. At the end of the season, that list is compiled and randomized. Then we'll pick multiple winners to receive cash and prizes totaling over $20,000 including, but not limited to: racing suits, helmets, vacations, cash, shop tools, etc.

The "Race & You're In" program is being introduced to encourage drivers to support Carteret County Speedway during the entirety of the season. The more you race, the more chances you have to win from the pool of your peers.

"We have been thinking long and hard about an incentive program to reward those drivers that support us and do it regularly," said track owner Bob Lowery. "At the end of the day, it's truly all about supporting short track racing, filling the fields, and providing a great show for the fans and I believe the Race & You're In program will do just that."

An extra bonus for any driver that competes in every event scheduled for their division will be their name being added to the list 10 more times. Consistency will certainly pay off in 2023.

Here are the only technicals with the program: You must finish top 20 in the championship standings to be eligible. You must be in good standing with the Speedway (no outstanding fines, suspensions, etc).

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